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Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing Offers A Low Risk Pay per Performance Model

We are Internet Affiliate Marketing consultants specialising in Affiliate Networks and Pay per Performance online campaigns.

Affiliate marketing is a very attractive online channel offering complete measurability and accountability. A network of website owners (affiliates), are sourced for a company wishing to increase its online traffic (the Merchant). Affiliates receive commission whenever a merchant’s products are sold via their site. It’s a proven way to increase exposure, build traffic and sales.

Affiliate marketing operates on a pay per performance model. Cleints only pay the affilaite when a sale takes place or a lead is generated. In this way Affiliate marketing offers a low risk model to achieve a predictable ROI. 

Our team has experience of running highly successful affiliate marketing campaigns for our clients.

Affiliates are highly skilled in generating traffic and will generate it from a number of areas such as:>

Pay per click search traffic

Natural search traffic

Links to other websites

Own organic website traffic


White labelling

Our Affiliate Marketing Service

 We will assist you in the following ways:

Selection of appropriate affiliates
Negotiating commissions
Setting up of accounts 
Production of advertisient creative to suit affiliates’ requirements
Creation of ‘affiliate friendly’ websites (phone numbers removed etc.)
Distribution of editorial and ads

To find out how we can help your business, please call today to speak to Mark Hodkinson on 07816 760992 or email