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Media Planning

Our Media Planning Insights Can Help You Generate Increased Sales

Our media advertising planning and insight expertise spans offline and online channels for both consumer and business audiences including: advertising on television, radio, posters, cinema, newspapers, magazines, inserts, data and door drops, internet advertising, ppc, sponsorship and direct response media amongst others.

We are highly skilled media planners who use industry leading research and media planning tools to develop robust, intelligent, creative and accountable media strategies. Our media planning process includes:

  Full media briefing session with the client to fully understand business objectives
  Target Market media consumption and lifestyle analysis
  Identify media that offer best cover, value and targeting
  Evaluate geographic catchment fit of each media
  Assess the ability of each media to convey the message with impact and relevance to the target markets
  Media planning & schedule strategy (best media mix to reach the target markets) and achieve the campaign awareness and response objectives
  Media plan budget allocation
  Brief and brainstorm ideas and creative media opportunities with media owners to seek added value
  Commence initial rate negotiations with preferred media channels
  Create a detailed media schedule insertion timing plan that will maximise impact and sales effect
  Estimating media plan audience coverage
  Media plan response & sales forecasting

Media campaign evaluation and tracking

Media Planning Research Tools

At Thinkmedia, we have an array of media planning research tools at our disposal which we use to ensure your media advertising is targeted in the media channels that are most heavily consumed by your target market thereby maximizing your response and value for money. Some of the media research tools we use are listed below:

National Readership Survey (NRS)
The National Readership Survey is the industry standard source of readership figures. The survey is based on 36,000 respondents and covers around 300 magazines and newspapers.

The Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC)
The Audit Bureau of Circulations provides audited sales figures for around 700 consumer titles as well as numerous business titles. Newspaper sales figures are released monthly whilst those for magazines are released on a six-monthly basis.

Target Group Index (TGI)
TGI is the largest and most comprehensive industry standard source of information on product consumption consumer profiling. TGI covers over 500 product fields and provides demographic, media and attitudinal data on thousands of brands.

JICREG is run by the Newspaper Society and is the industry survey on the readership of regional newspapers. On-line manipulation of JICREG data through postcode and demographic analysis provides a guide to the best titles to use in any regional media plan. JICREG can be linked to other planning systems to provide mapping or schedule analysis.

BARB provides an overnight read on TV viewership statistics via the DDS system. Consolidated data (including video playback) is released 8 days later. BARB is the key trading currency for TV. 

RAJAR is the industry source of radio listening data.  Covers 260 UK stations through a diary based study of around 127,000 individuals aged 4+.  Results are released quarterly.
Experian Micromarketer

Experian Micromarketer is used for geo-demographic analysis. It allows us to look at client or TGI data by MOSAIC or ACORN either through mapping or analysis of statistics. This in turn gives us a deeper understanding of the audience we are trying to reach.

Comscore provides a comprehensive overview on what is happening in the on-line marketplace. Amongst other things it allows us to look at top sites and who are the top advertisers by site in terms of audience size, reach, visits per person and time spent on the site.

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