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Case Histories

Media Planning & Buying

The London Eye
Key Issue
eastern airways

Primarily to increase the total number of visitors, but across three distinct markets: London & SE market, Domestic & Overseas tourists & Corporate market. Secondary to increase the yield per visit. N.B. Same budget year-on-year allowing for inflation.


Thinkmedia came up with an innovative media strategy that was based on cross selling messages via a traditional retail strategy. We developed a mass media approach which performed across all identified target audiences (both consumer & corporate). A London Press campaign (with specific tourist & corporate up weights) formed the backbone of the strategy. Plus Thinkmedia developed a bold Platinum X-Track campaign in central London which incorporated a two weeks on two weeks off structure that lasted four months. The extended in-charge period plus the choice of central London stations allowed this campaign to punch above its weight.

Key Issue

Beaverbrooks wanted to support underperforming stores pre Christmas to raise awareness locally and increase Christmas gift shopping visits


4 stores were supported – Bromley, Watford, Croydon and Reading A multi-media campaign was delivered that created impact via newspaper wraps, full page colour ads in newspapers, 96 sheet and 48 sheet posters and mobile advans/adbikes Tactical messages were targeted within close proximity to stores to drive visits as well as awareness

Key Issue
  How to launch an online casino into the UK to that most elusive of target markets - ABC1 men 18-30 who are internet savvy and like to gamble?

After an extensive brainstorming session with the creative agency, HPS, we came up with a media idea to create a campaign that would be both cut through and viral – a virtual sexy casino manager called Jane Bentley! We then took Jane Bentley literally to the streets. Jane Bentley made personal appearances in the City of London. Copies of The FT and Times were sponsored and given away. Sample CDs were handed out by Casino style promotional girls at the main rail stations throughout the UK. A promotion was run on Capital Radio to win a car and entrants had to pre-register on the Intercasino website. The activity was extended by Posters on the LRT in London as well as strip advertisements on the sports pages of the Evening Standard. Jane Bentley was then mirrored online and is the first person to greet you on the website and is available for instant chat and emailing!

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