Radio Media Buying

Radio Media Buying Targets Audiences Efficiently

As highly experienced radio buyers, we are able to negotiate the best radio advertising costs for your business.

Costs to advertise vary by radio station according to their reach and audience, for example a local radio station could cost as little as £500 for a four week campaign whereas a bigger regional station could cost circa £5k – £10k

Radio media buying targets audiences efficiently because different stations attract different listeners – Kerrang listeners are worlds apart from Classic FM listeners etc. This allows our media buyers to target select target audiences with little wastage.

There are now over 300 Stations to choose from locally and nationally via analogue and digital frequencies and digital radio players, which makes it especially important to have an expert media buying agency like Thinkmedia working with you, who are skilled at buying radio advertising media campaigns to fit advertisers media briefs whether they be local, national or for a specific audience.

Radio Advertising Drives Sales and Web Visits

Radio is a strong ‘Call to Action‘ medium. One of radio advertising’s key benefits is its recency to ‘Point Of Sale’ or ‘Point Of Mouse’. As radio is often listened to while people are driving or surfing the web, it can be an excellent medium for getting a message to someone when they may be about to visit the shops or click on a website. Recency of message is proven to create sales uplift over and above non recent messages, which is one reason radio can be such an effective medium .