Cinema Media Buying

Media Buying Options

We are UK cinema advertising media buyers who deliver our client’s the biggest cinema media buying discounts Our cinema media buyers can efficiently target your consumers by film package, region or audience making your cost per thousand as efficient as possible.

Family films are extremely popular and provide a good route to reach parents with kids. Cinema also offers an excellent option to reach the elusive upmarket light television viewer aged 15-34 years old. Increasingly 45+ year olds are also being tempted back into the cinema big screen experience through compelling films.

The media buying cost of advertising on cinema can be tailored to your budget, individual cinema screens can be purchased at a local cinema level, specific films can be targeted that appeal to your target audience.
If required our cinema media buyers can purchase audience delivery packages and activity can be run at regional or national level depending on the target geography.

On-screen cinema advertising is available in weekly blocks Friday to Thursday. The minimum time unit available is 5 seconds. Media buying prices differ based on commercial length with indices using 30″ as a base.

Copy Length Cost Index

5″ 0.3
10″ 0.5
20″ 0.8
30″ 1.00
40″ 1.33
45″ 1.50
50″ 1.67
60″ 2.00
90″ 3.00

Cinema Advertising Achieves High Recall

Consumers believe that cinema adverts are special, more enjoyable and for more successful brands. Media buying research has proven they believe the medium would be worse off without commercials as cinema is seen as a chance to escape busy, stressful lifestyles. The all consuming sound and large screen format form part of the huge impact advertisers can achieve.

Cinemas audience are captive and at a heightened level of emotional stimulation – as a result they are more engaged in your advertising message than with any other medium and more likely to recall the advertisement.