Leaflet Distribution and Door Drop Media Buying To Maximise Response

How We Plan Leaflet Marketing that Targets More Effectively

We are UK Door to Door and leaflet distribution media buyers offering clients the lowest door drop distribution prices. We have years of experience planning and distributing leaflet advertising for clients and are able to plan the distribution of leaflets ranging from a few thousand leaflets right up to multi- million national leaflet door drops.

Our success at leaflet advertising is mainly due to how well we match the door to door distribution with our advertiser’s target audiences. At Thinkmedia we use expert door drop planning tools to ensure your leaflet advertising reaches your audience in the most cost effective way to achieve your marketing objectives.

Firstly we profile your existing customers using either ACORN or MOSAIC profiling. Then we create catchments to match your brief comprising postal sector delivery reports that show you how many households can be delivered to by the various door to door distribution methods.

We then overlay targeting that ranks the postal sectors within your catchments that have the highest penetration of your target market and the offer least wastage and best value for money. A postal sector with twice the penetration of your target market is likely to generate twice the level of response from one that contains half the penetration.

The Cost of leaflet Advertising

Since door to door advertising is a relatively high cost per thousand medium compared with other media, it is important to cut down on as much wastage as possible to ensure the distribution pays for itself.