Insert Media Buying

What Quantity Should I Place as a First Insert Test?

Thinkmedia is an insert media buying company specializing in direct response marketing, we are able to help advertisers get the most from their insert media budgets.

As with all direct marketing the objective should be to test enough insert activity to make robust decisions to rollout for future insert campaigns, but small enough to minimise risk.

As a start point our insert media buyers recommend between 750k and 1million inserts is a robust amount.

Our insert media buyers recommend you test a good selection of insert titles – some newspapers, weekly/monthly magazines, lifestyle and niche titles, one in each sector for future rollout.

Ensure there is enough inserts volume for different creative versions and that titles carry both executions for comparison.

Ensure that each test cell has enough insert quantity to establish a robust result – this will ideally be at least 50,000

A solid insert media buying plan with two creative executions would have:

  • 8-9 titles
  • Majority would carry both insert executions (ie 2 test cells of 50k in each title)
  • Minimum test cells would be 50,000
  • Totals c 15 test cells

What Will an Insert Media Plan Cost? 

The total inserts cost will primarily consist of media and print costs. (Other costs will be associated with an insert plan, but these will be smaller e.g. delivery costs).

Insert media costs vary enormously. Ratecards range from £25-£100 per ‘000, although these are negotiable. Our insert media buyers usually achieve in the region of £12-£30 per ‘000 depending on the sector and volume.

Insert print costs will also vary enormously (single sheet to 32 page catalogue). But assuming this is a fairly basic piece (or single sheet, A4 folded to A5) then print costs will be in the region of £15-20 per ‘000.