Internet Marketing

Media Buying That Delivers Results on the Internet

We are internet marketing consultants specialising in web marketing and internet advertising strategies. Thinkmedia has expertise planning and buying internet marketing campaigns using PPC, Paid Social Media, Display banners and Remarketing across multiple devices and many different programmatic network/audience behavioural targeting strategies.

There are several was we can buy internet advertising, the most common ways are listed below:

CPM (Cost per Thousand)

We pay a negotiated rate for each 1,000 showings (impressions) of the internet banner advertisement.

Most common buying metric on premium sites – CPM’s can range from £0.40 to £40 dependent on quality of space.

CPC (Cost per Click)

Not available everywhere – usually on search and networks

Advertiser only pays when a consumer clicks on the internet advertisement

CPA (Cost per Acquisition)

Advertisers only pay for each sale / action / registration

Websites can be targeted based on their content, demographic profile, unique visitors and monthly impressions performance.

Advertisement frequency levels can be capped by the Ad Server to ensure an effective frequency is achieved without saturation of response.

Internet Marketing