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Email Marketing Agency

Email Marketing Is Very Cost Effective

We are email marketing consultants specialising in email marketing services and email list rental for all size clients.

Email marketing can generate new business leads and build customer loyalty as well as create up-sell opportunities.

Thinkmedia can help you with the whole email marketing process, from concept to delivery. Our specialist creative partners will create impactful email marketing campaigns to drive targeted traffic to your website. We provide a lists rental service for customer acquisition campaigns and we provide comprehensive tracking and reporting on delivery and open rates, as well as clicks and other actions/conversions.

Email marketing offers substantial savings compared to traditional print methods, it is highly targetable and very trackable, it also offers immediate delivery to drive almost instant website traffic.

Renting Email Lists

There are several ways that a Data Owner or Controller may rent out an email address lists. There is only one approach that is considered to be Best Practice, this approach is known as a ‘host mailing’.

This is where a Data Owner or Processor will, usually for a fee, send (or instigate the sending out through their normal outsourcing arrangements under a data processing agreement) email marketing to their own email database, promoting the Data User’s products and services. The Data Owner’s name must appear in the ‘From’ box of the email as the sender of the mail. The Data Owner’s header and footer template is used and unsubscribes are managed by the Data Owner.

 Top 20 Email Tips

Your From and Subject Lines:

1) Does your "From" line include your company name or brand? 
2) Is your "Subject" line the right length? (5-8 words, 35 characters including spaces) 
3) Does your "Subject" line incorporate a specific benefit? 
4) Does your "Subject" line include your brand (if for some reason your "From" line does not)? 
5) Does your "Subject" line create a sense of urgency?

Your Email Copy:

6) Is your email targeted, relevant and timely? 
7) Is your email personalised with the recipient's first name, last name or both, if appropriate? 
8) Is your email copy clear and concise? 
9) Does it contain a strong call-to-action? 
10) Does it focus on benefits? 
11) Does it create a sense of urgency?

Important Details:

12) Are you prepared to handle inbound email responses and questions resulting from your outbound email campaigns? Follow through is as important as the first contact. Do not miss the opportunity to open a two-way dialogue with these interested recipients.
13) Have you used appropriate graphics while also making good use of white space?
14) Have you proofread the "From" line, "Subject" line and email copy thoroughly?
15) Have you checked all links to be sure they work properly?
16) Have you previewed and sent yourself a test?

 Spam Compliance:

17) Does your email include a way for recipients to unsubscribe, e.g. an unsubscribe/opt-out link and/or instructions? 
18) Are you prepared to handle all unsubscribe requests within 10 days of the request? 
19) Have you used a valid from address? 
20) Is your physical address included in your email campaign?

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