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Pay Per Click (PPC)

How to Build a Successful Sponsored Listings Campaign

Thinkmedia are Pay Per Click (PPC), search engine marketing consultants specialising in SEO/PPC search engine optimization services and pay per click marketing for all size clients.

Our Pay Per Click Process

We start by selecting a PPC keyword list which is relevant to your website (i.e Travel, Holiday, Flights etc.) There are no absolute rules on the number of PPC keywords used, although it can be as few as 20-30 or many thousand depending on the website content.

Then we produce a title & description copy for each PPC Ad Group. We group keywords into  Ad Groups in order to improve relevance and PPC click through rates. Google Quality Score Index is also optimized.

We set up a PPC campaign budget and are able to cap the amount of money to spend before PPC listings come offline.

We develop a PPC bid strategy and tactics, this could be bid to position (e.g 3rd position) or set a maximum bid price (e.g. as high as possible up to £0.50 per click), time of day and day of week to display PPC listings and any geographic targeting if required.

PPC campaigns are live within 3 working days & are constantly optimised to ensure targets are being hit.

We provide regular PPC Google Analytics reporting on clicks, cost & conversion by keyword and we add / remove / change bids instantly dependent on results and market forces.

To find out how we can help your business, please call today to speak to Mark Hodkinson on 07816 760992 or email