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Thinkmedia has ‘Google Professional’ accreditation, which means we have proven best practice in PPC management to optimise sales and return on expenditure from Google Adwords paid search marketing. Our experience in search engine marketing has taught us there are a lot of parallels between pay per click and SEO when it comes to best practice and our Top Ten Tips for SEM to improve your sales return on investment are listed below.

1. Think carefully about your Onsite SEO and PPC keywords, before you start it really pays dividends to consider what your companies products and services really are? Keywords need to be as relevant as possible to your product content but also the search terms consumers are using. The best optimization process marries the two, this will mean you avoid driving or paying for untargeted irrelevant traffic.

2. Create deep linked PPC Landing pages, these enable you to be more granular with PPC structure and improve Google Adwords Quality Score, improving relevance and reducing bounce rates, remember you have paid for the traffic and people want to find what they are searching for within one click!

3. Create highly targeted PPC Ad Text, make it as relevance to landing pages as possible as well as the keyword search terms. This will increase CTR. Further improvements to Ad Text performance can be made by including a strong call to action and ‘dynamic descriptions’ in Google Adwords which automatically insert search query terms into the Ad Title.

4. SEO website structure - plan your site for website optimization before you brief the web design. Run keyword search term volume reports to see what search terms consumers use most and then build your website content around most relevant high volume search terms.

5. PPC - make unique pages for each product item, this will improve your pay per click conversion rates 

6. Use Analytics software to tell you which keywords are delivering the sales and fine tune your PPC keywords to increase sales conversion and return on investment.

7. Test PPC Keyword Phrase Match options, broad match targeted keywords can increase click volumes, however due to the way Google uses synonyms to achieve this you may be paying for clicks by people searching for services that are totally irrelevant to your website. Ensure you create negative keywords when using broad match to stop this happening. ‘Phrase match’ or ‘exact match’ often increase the relevance of your listings and help to improve conversion rates and reduce Cost Per Sale.

8. Ad Scheduling - interrogate Analytics to understand what time of day conversions are taking place, then schedule your PPC activity to run at times when people are most likely to convert, this will reduce your Cost Per Sale.

9. Google Ranking Position, Analyse the effect of paid search keyword ranking position on conversion, sometimes you can get a better conversion lower down the rankings. Since it is cheaper to run your PPC ads in a lower position this will reduce your Cost Per Sale.

10. PPC Search Query reports, run search query reports to see what actual search queries triggered your pay per click ads to run, if they are on broad match you may be surprised by some of the terms Google has run it against. If  these are wasting your money, either set up negative keywords to stop this or revert to exact match for these keywords.

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