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Television Media Buying

Television Media Buying Discounts & Targeting Opportunities Have Never Been Better

We are UK Television airtime media buyers who deliver our client’s big Television media buying discounts. According to Thinkbox television media buying research, we are watching more television than we have ever done and this applies to commercial television. BARB  figures show that we watch 3.63 hours of broadcast TV a day and people are watching 11 minutes more commercial TV than a decade ago. 

This increased supply of commercial viewing plus greater channel choice is great news for television media buyers. The costs for television advertising have reduced over the past decade, and it is now easier for our television media buyers to reach specific target markets. 

Media buying entry costs to advertising on television should no longer be a barrier to using the medium as campaigns can be run for as little as £30k and there are many case histories available to show its success at this budget level.

At Thinkmedia, we are experts at planning and buying television advertising campaigns. We can help you plan a television media buying strategy ideally suited to meet your business objectives and if needed we can provide a one stop shop for the creation and production of your television commercial.

TV Media Buying Strategy

Target  Audience – Television media buyers trade against different target audiences and Thinkmedia can help you define the best target audience for you to media buy against in order to deliver the most efficient campaign for your media budget. The broader the target audience chosen means the lower the relative cost per person reached. For example All Adults could be bought at an average cost of around £8 per thousand viewers (or a little under a penny each), whereas a more tightly-defined target, such as Men aged 16-34, will cost closer to £60 per thousand.

Time of Day - The day is divided into 'dayparts'.

  • Breakfast (0600 - 0930). Particularly relevant for the housewives with kids audience and FMCG advertisers. 
  • Daytime (pre-1730) A particularly effective environment for Direct Response advertising (DRTV) 
  • 'Peak' (1730-2300). The most valued daypart in terms of audience size and profile, commanding the highest price. 
  • Late Night (post-2430) Especially attractive for advertisers targeting a younger, or male-biased audience.

Programmes – Television media buyers can be select programmes to reach specific target audiences. High-profile, top-rating programmes tend to be more expensive.

Regionality – Television media advertising campaigns can be purchased on a regional or national basis to fit an advertiser’s media brief. ITV can offer a full regional breakdown, Channel 4 and Five provide a macro sales area facility, such as London, South, Scotland or the North of England. 

Time of year - The cost of advertising on television varies by season, depending on audience levels and overall advertiser demand. Generally television media buying prices rise throughout the year with the Autumn months being the most expensive. July and August offer good value as demand dips. January is normally the cheapest month of the year.

Commercial time-length - The cost of  buying television advertising depends on the length of the commercial, a 30-second commercial costs twice as much as a 10-second ad, while a 60-second spot usually cost twice as much as a 30.


To find out how our television media planning and buying services could help your business, please call today to speak to either Mark Hodkinson or Alison Hodkinson on 0844 4145804 or email