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Social Media

Engaging People to Participate with Your Brand and Spread the Word through Social Media

We are internet marketing consultants specialising in web marketing and social media internet advertising strategies to build brand engagement.

 Social media is all about being part of the online conversation about your brand. We can help you develop strategies to encourage participation and involvement via social media marketing. We do this by generating content on social networking websites and by actively participating within discussions on popular and highly targeted user generated sites such as forums and blogs.


Using Social media to build back links and SEO

We use Social media tactics to push content into popular websites in order to create external traffic and back links to your website for the purpose of increasing web visits as well as to build SEO rankings and link popularity.

We can assist with the writing of articles to submit within social media sites that are in keeping with your SEO and brand strategies.

To find out how we can help your business, please call today to speak to Mark Hodkinson on 07816 760992 or email info@think-media.co.uk